That Generic ‘First Post’

What would a Blog be without a first post and a disclaimer into why this Blog was started in the first place? I suppose like any other ‘Blogger’ I thought this a perfect place to write down my thoughts and ideas on different aspects of life and to appreciate the little things the world offers. (okay that was rather cheesy).

Personally I always said that when I got a new computer it would be a better excuse than any to start my own Blog and join the new ‘Internet Era’! Its quite a nice thought that you can have your own little space on the Internet, to write whatever you want. (within reason I suppose, although I know some people abuse this power. especially the media. which to me is just a blog like this with a rather critical view of the world).

To be honest I have no plans for this blog. I suppose its more for me to look back when I’m older and reminisce in oar of all the things I did when I was younger and re-live some of the things I loved back in the ‘teenies’. The name for the years of 2013-2019 I heard.. although personally I don’t feel this sounds quite right. Nor does the naughties lucky for me I was born in the nineties (although only by a few years) so I can at least say with confordance the decade I was born in without feeling and sounding completely idiotic (no offence)

I’m a passionate writer and after this intro that I could easily spend about 1h writing but know that it would be of no interest to me let alone you guys. I’m going to stop hear and let my blog speak for itself!

*side note I am writing this blog using a name that isn’t mine as at the moment I do not feel confidant in divulging you guys so much into my life. I want to look back on this with my children with them not knowing its me and see what they think honestly of life back in the early 21st century!