Sweet Peach Ov Course

When the postman came today I wasn’t expecting anything in particular maybe a letter from the bank or a junk leaflet from one of the many companies I am stupidly subscribed to. But when my dad walked into my room his hands behind his back and slowly held up a parcel with Debenhams plastered all over I new exactly what was inside. I literally tore the package from his hand as though it was the last piece of food in the world. I say this as my mouth was literally drooling in excitement. Inside was my Too Faced Sweet peach pallet. I had been after this pallet ever since it was announced at the beginning of 2016 I think? Seeing many other bloggers with this beauty in there possession made me more jealous than I have ever been before over anything ever (poor english there Rosie).
Mondays for me and everyone else in this world are a day of dull realisation that there is a real life out there with a job/ school to attend and many other un-exciting aspects of life but how can I feel this way even slightly when my beautiful pallet had just arrived. Ok I’m going to stop with the story of my life and talk to you about the pallet its self.

The name ‘Sweet Peach’ is completely right but not only for the classic scented eye shadow expectation that comes with any too faced pallet but the colours them selfs are the perfect peachy peachy ness and are super for the spring and summer. They are all the perfect beautiful colours. Each and every pallet has its runts but in this pallet even the runts are not a slight disappointment, as much as I may only find my self wearing them out of pure excitement or tightness (I.e. not wanting to waist any product) they are still no let down.

Unlike most people I suppose I didn’t want this pallet at all for the smell. For me it is a slight turn off. I mean its a nice smell but I can’t help but think how synthetic it is and chemical based I just think it can’t have any benefits other than a novelty product I suppose.

Again unlike most people I do not actually like all the too faced packaging I find it clumpy bulky and a hassle for storage as some of it is very odd in shape but this pallet I can say I do adore the packaging. I do have some definite favourites even just by looking at it, I was slightly disappointed that it came on a Monday though as I do myself a favour and avoid all makeup on a Monday but it doesn’t mean I can’t spend my day just admiring it.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Talk derby is really a deep blue and tempting I explain further down.

The colours I personally have fallen in love with are Bellini a colour I haven’t really tried on my eyes before its a gorgeous nudey pink with a slim shimmer running though of gold, Luscious, again a more nudey shimmerd shadow it reminds me slightly of half baked from the original naked pallet and Caramelized. Although the others are beautiful just as much as them 3. I would probably combine the matte and shimmer colours with each other to create a perfect smokey eye which depending on the colour combinations you choose could be slight and subtle or beautiful and bold.Each of the shades have an orangey undertone to them, having blue eyes this is perfect for me, it really brings out my eyes as a deep but bright blue something I long for.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
The ‘runts’ as I call them, for me, are Delectable a shadow with nothing special going for it really its a general purple with a slight gold shimmer., Bless her heart and olive green colour again with a gold shimmer running through and Tempting again a green but this one is much deeper with a sight shimmer. These colours I just feel unsure about. They are much to bold for me alone even smoked but I’m sure I can find a way to work them into a look some how. Ok now writing about them and admiring them for well over an hour the 3 colours i love and the 3 colours I’m not to sure on are all the ones with the goldish shimmer running through but I promise there are matte shades and one shade named candid peach which has much larger more of a glitter shimmer rather than a slight shimmer running through.

Really you just need to go and experience the beauty of this pallet for yourself!



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