Zoeva ‘Bamboo’

I am the sort of person who normally sticks to what they know and love. Personaly though, I am yet to find a set of brushes that work for me giving me that so called ‘flawless finish’ so its understandable that I have been hunting for a while. lets be honest here though in real life and without computer editing even the most beautiful of people have flaws (which are, to be fair, not necessarily a bad thing in any way and I personally am a massive campaigner for natural beauty rather than ‘boycotted beauty’ as I like to call it).

Whilst on my hunt around I kept clicking on and off the Zoeva brushes I had browsed a fair few brands but eventually the whole vegan and ‘eco friendly’ claims Zoeva make about there bamboo brushes made me want to try a few. I brought 4 brushes individualy and not in the set as I feelt like I was getting what I wanted rather than brushes I had no intrest in and wouldnt use. I, most likely, will still hunt and try other types and brands of brushes but there is something slightly satisfying in having a whole set of matching brushes. But to me I would rather have brushes that worked for me than ones that looked nice.

The brushes I picked up were the 142 concealer buffer, the 104 buffer brush, 105 hightlight brush and the 227 soft definer. I chose these 4 as I dont own any to similer so I had some way to justify my purchases (which I have to do a lot)
The 104, first on the left,is an absolutely beautiful beautiful brush. It is super soft but also very dence (Very fine brissles but alot of them) in a sort if stippling brush style wear the brushes head is flat and not taperd or domed in any way. I’ve used this brush 5/6 times and I couldnt believe how well it buffed in my foundation. Normally for this I would use my Beauty Blender but I found this did an equally good job as I have only used one product on this brush. So I found concealer wasnt combined with my foundation all over my face unlike I find with the beauty blender as I used to use 1 for my whole face meaning it was applying concealer in places that just didnt need it. With this I feel like I am in control of were the product goes and where it blends. I washed all the brushes before taking theese pictures so if anyone is interested in how I got them back to basicly new condition leave a comment below 🙂

£15 at Beauty Bay

One thing I love about theese brushes is the colour of the brissles. Them being a lighter colour means you can see when and where your brush needs cleaning.

The next brush along is the 227 soft definer, I havent used this brush yet as im still deciding what I want it for but it again is super soft I suspect I will probably use it for my eyes as its small fluffy and looks like it will blend beautifully and by using the other brushes this brush I have high expectations for!

£9 at Beauty Bay

The 105 highlight brush is AMAZING I often dont use brushes for the purpose they state they are for but for highlight and contour I find this brush works wonders. It fits beautifully on the apples of my cheeks the brissles are lovely and fine and dust my cheeks so so well with the perfect amount of product I cant get enough. Even with creme highlight it blends beautifully. The brissles on this brush are much longer than the 104 so it provides a much lighter coverage. Theese brushes being vegan for some reason put me of as I thought the brissles might be horrid and synthetic expecting a sort of plasticity feel but they are the complete opposite!

£13 at Beauty Bay

Finally I picked up the 142 concealer buffer. Ive never really used a brush for my concealer before I’m normally super lazy and just use my fingers or my Beauty Blender, which I am still in conflict over what I prefer and am slightly leaning more towards my Beauty Blender, but its early days for this brush and I have high hopes! It does blend really well and is a perfect buffer brush as it is super dense.


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
£9 at Beauty Bay

Sorry my posts are so long I always just have so much to say and my friend who checks over my posts to ensure they make sence due to my quite bad dyslexia (yes i’ve been tested) always has to delte about half the content with me. LOL. arrghdjdj.

Face Buffer http://www.beautybay.com/accessories/zoeva/104bamboobufferbrush/

Soft Definer http://www.beautybay.com/accessories/zoeva/227bamboosoftdefinerbrush/

Highlight Brush http://www.beautybay.com/accessories/zoeva/105bamboohighlightbrush/

Concealer Buffer http://www.beautybay.com/accessories/zoeva/142bambooconcealerbufferbrush/



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