NYX. England beauty fanatics heaven 

This post is a bit late sorry I wrote it up weeks ago… As you can tell by almost every British beauty obsesse’s blog or youtube NYX is now available super easly and conveniently in the UK. I first found this out browsing online at Asos & Boots noticing a few new ‘foreign’ items floating around, the original beauty blender for one. Not long after I noticed that NYX had come to highstreet Uk shops. I can honestly say I was exctatic to see this and so impaitent to try out the products.

Un fortunately I am an un employed 17 year old (well I class my self un employed as I have the lest stable job ever) and can no way afford all that caught my eye, so I limited my self to stuff I actually needed (or had some way to justify why I brought it) I dont go out much and I’m not a fan of traipsing round shops and standing in queues for hours on end so hopped online to see what I fancied. The only issue I have with this is you cant test the item before you buy and you have to look for items they dont just jump out at you. But I suppose in the age of next day delivery and free returns who can complain?

I picked up 3 lip products and a face primer all of which I have tried and all of which I have fallen in love with.
I think I have probably tried every highstreet/ Drug store primer there is, from the weird to the wonderful. This NYX one for me is definitely in the wonderful category. I’ve never had a primer yet that I’ve gone to repurchase without having second thoughts but I have high hopes for this one even if it is early days. My makeup just seems to stay on my face and as simple as that sounds I mean it STAYS. No patchy foundation or concealer in sight. I still have to top up on a touch of power after maybe 5-6h but with no wear near as much as I have had to in the past! I 100% recomend.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
NYX studio perfect, photo loving primer (clear)

Then the 3 Lip products that some how found there way into my basket wear; 2 Matte lipsticks and a Matte lip cream

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
I will add swatches but the images were perfectly terrible, whoops. And I really just want to get this post out :).

From L-R Matte lipstick in Butter a Lovely darker more coffee nude. Matte lip cream in London similar to Butter but a cream so much easier to apply but it does have less staying power, and finally another Matte lipstick in Natural which confuses me really as it isn’t a nude I would say more of a browned pink but lovely all the same.

The application of these 3 are beautiful the lip cream is super moisturising  and the lipsticks have super staying power and compared to other drug store lippies are not drying in the slightest.

Enjoy your week!



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