Small Haul

I came back from holiday in the early hours of Saturday morning and  planed on spending most of the day lounging around but, being me, ended up popping out late in the afternoon to pick up a few bits for school as I’m going back on Tuesday. Ov corse I couldn’t just go shopping for a ruler and a new pen so ended up bringing a few more bits home than I expected…

I have just come back from holiday also I wasn’t really loaded with cash after buying myself and my friends some Moroccan lamps as I knew they would love them and didn’t mind spending about more on something they would actually really like.

From Superdrug I brought the Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow palate in Iconic 3. I think its meant to be a dupe of naked 3 mixed with some smokeyer colours but I don’t have the pallet so I’m not sure. I brought this mainly for Reading festival as it was only £4! And is much more safe to take than one of my other pallets for £4 even if its rubbish I won’t complain.  Also from Superdrug picked up the Lash sensational mascara it was on buy one get one half so me and mum just split the bill and brought one each as mine had completely gone dry after holiday.

I also brought the NYX eye shadow base to help the colours last a touch longer and this was also around £3 ish I think.

The last makeup bit I got was the mac lip liner in subculture to go with my matte lipstick I got from mac in Corfu town for £9 as there was 25% off all mac there. I brought the lipstick In honeylove as velvet teddy (my fav) had sold out and swatched this one and fell in love but they didn’t have a sutible lip liner so I waited till I got back to england and could get a liner that would match both honey love and velvet teddy and was recomended this one.

And finally I popped into lush and brought i think its yoga bomb they don’t label them any more in my local lush so I’m not sure but I think its yoga bomb. Its 100% my favourite scented bath bomb as it smells just like the lush store just not quite so overpowering and turns your water bright orange.




My inflight travel essentials 

Well today I’m stepping on a plane with my parents for the first time since 2008. We decided to book an impromptu holiday to corfu for the week as the greek islands is somewere I have ALWAYS wanted to go and seenas I dont start school till the week after we thought it a better time than any (plus its super cheap) so here is what I’m taking on the plane… 

For a short haul flight there isnt realy much to take and we have a weight limit so I only really packed the essentials.

The grey blanket on the edge is a kind of wrap poncho blanket which is perfect incase it gets abit nippy on the plane.

Elle magazine my favorite fashion magazine that im tearing my hair out not to read.

Hand Wipes and gel I just feel this an essential as theres so many germs on the plane its nice to freshen up.

Gum and polos because I really couldnt choose Ill probably just take the polos as there super easy as you dont need a bin.

The rest is probably self explanatory and I also have an eye mask to put in but yeah this is what I’m taking to corfu in my hand luggage.

Grey Hair Care

I am one of those few teens who have decided to jump on the grey hair trend and for the past 2 and a half weeks I have had grey hair and I have already learnt some important tips and hear are my top 3.

  1. Get a shampoo that is for grey or coloured hair and avoid anti-dandruff shampoos. To get to my grey hair I had to do the worst thing any one can do to their hair and bleach it then I had to tone it and finally add some grey dye. To keep the color as strong as the day I dyed it I have been using a grey shampoo and it has kept the colour up a dream. 
  2. Prime your hair before you Bleach it Yes I did the dreaded bleach, but before I did it i kind of ‘primed’ my hair with coconut oil. It was the first time I had bleached my hair and I had heard so many horror stories from friends and family of hair going like straw or even going green and I was so worried but I had heard that coating your hair in coconut oil the raw organic kinda can prevent it from going strawey and omg did it work my hair is better than it was before I bleached it so I can only imagine what I would have done to my hair if I hadn’t bleached it. 
  3. Don’t wash your hair often: one mistake I made was washed my hair like I used to. Grey hair still gets oily but you can’t see it as much and the oils on your head are only doing it wonders.

Thanks for reading!


Restraining Myself

Its very easy when you find something new to jump straight in, give it your all and quickly become engrosed letting it take over you life. Ideas for blog posts have been popping into my head left right and centre which is very useful for me considering the amount of s**t that goes in and out of my head all day. Drafting post after post I’m so eager to press the so eye catching and tempting orange publish button but I know I must restrain my self and I know my posts need proof reading by someone else before I do publish them.

I have many drafts saved for future posts and am hoping so dearly that I remain focused on providing a ‘long term service’ wait what? providing high quality meaningful posts rather than ones i have coined up at half 1 in the morning because I can’t sleep. I feel Blogging is such a healthy habit to get into and can in the long run be rather re-warding *fingers crossed*.

Being out of education and having nothing better to do, I sit down with my coffee and banana and try and be artsy by taking some snaps (as pictured below ha). I sit and think about things I enjoy and will be a reminder of the real world when I’m not in the right frame of mind and try and convince my self that this is reality not the state I’m in at that moment.

I’m so eager to put up posts but I’m not going to be so jumpy and post something that hasn’t got thought in it or that I will regret. So as such I plan to write save and edit posts a week before I post them to insure that they are and the content is what I want. This post is a reminder for me in the future for when I feel like just blurting out my feelings on the internet that probably don’t make sense or I will soon regret.

Rosie Park for Rosie Park a heads up.