Restraining Myself

Its very easy when you find something new to jump straight in, give it your all and quickly become engrosed letting it take over you life. Ideas for blog posts have been popping into my head left right and centre which is very useful for me considering the amount of s**t that goes in and out of my head all day. Drafting post after post I’m so eager to press the so eye catching and tempting orange publish button but I know I must restrain my self and I know my posts need proof reading by someone else before I do publish them.

I have many drafts saved for future posts and am hoping so dearly that I remain focused on providing a ‘long term service’ wait what? providing high quality meaningful posts rather than ones i have coined up at half 1 in the morning because I can’t sleep. I feel Blogging is such a healthy habit to get into and can in the long run be rather re-warding *fingers crossed*.

Being out of education and having nothing better to do, I sit down with my coffee and banana and try and be artsy by taking some snaps (as pictured below ha). I sit and think about things I enjoy and will be a reminder of the real world when I’m not in the right frame of mind and try and convince my self that this is reality not the state I’m in at that moment.

I’m so eager to put up posts but I’m not going to be so jumpy and post something that hasn’t got thought in it or that I will regret. So as such I plan to write save and edit posts a week before I post them to insure that they are and the content is what I want. This post is a reminder for me in the future for when I feel like just blurting out my feelings on the internet that probably don’t make sense or I will soon regret.

Rosie Park for Rosie Park a heads up.


One thought on “Restraining Myself

  1. This is so beyond true! I get so pumped when I start writing that sometimes I just post it! ….. Then I’m like “AH! I forgot to proof read”

    It’s a real thing!

    I commend you for waiting and being patient, because I don’t always have your control 🙂

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