Grey Hair Care

I am one of those few teens who have decided to jump on the grey hair trend and for the past 2 and a half weeks I have had grey hair and I have already learnt some important tips and hear are my top 3.

  1. Get a shampoo that is for grey or coloured hair and avoid anti-dandruff shampoos. To get to my grey hair I had to do the worst thing any one can do to their hair and bleach it then I had to tone it and finally add some grey dye. To keep the color as strong as the day I dyed it I have been using a grey shampoo and it has kept the colour up a dream. 
  2. Prime your hair before you Bleach it Yes I did the dreaded bleach, but before I did it i kind of ‘primed’ my hair with coconut oil. It was the first time I had bleached my hair and I had heard so many horror stories from friends and family of hair going like straw or even going green and I was so worried but I had heard that coating your hair in coconut oil the raw organic kinda can prevent it from going strawey and omg did it work my hair is better than it was before I bleached it so I can only imagine what I would have done to my hair if I hadn’t bleached it. 
  3. Don’t wash your hair often: one mistake I made was washed my hair like I used to. Grey hair still gets oily but you can’t see it as much and the oils on your head are only doing it wonders.

Thanks for reading!



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