My inflight travel essentials 

Well today I’m stepping on a plane with my parents for the first time since 2008. We decided to book an impromptu holiday to corfu for the week as the greek islands is somewere I have ALWAYS wanted to go and seenas I dont start school till the week after we thought it a better time than any (plus its super cheap) so here is what I’m taking on the plane… 

For a short haul flight there isnt realy much to take and we have a weight limit so I only really packed the essentials.

The grey blanket on the edge is a kind of wrap poncho blanket which is perfect incase it gets abit nippy on the plane.

Elle magazine my favorite fashion magazine that im tearing my hair out not to read.

Hand Wipes and gel I just feel this an essential as theres so many germs on the plane its nice to freshen up.

Gum and polos because I really couldnt choose Ill probably just take the polos as there super easy as you dont need a bin.

The rest is probably self explanatory and I also have an eye mask to put in but yeah this is what I’m taking to corfu in my hand luggage.


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