My Every Day Make-Up Routine

Each day like most people in this world, I grab the same foundation, same Blush, same Highlight, same bronzer, same powder, same primer etc and I thought I might as well do a post on my every day makeup routine as its something that is pretty ingrained into my life and something I know super well. Its also something I have never shared with you guys so it seemed a pretty perfect post for a Sunday afternoon.


I am sooooooo bad at trying new products and end up just sticking to the products I know and love, using them until I’m even cutting the packaging to reach the last ounce of product inside.

For my face I simply use NYX photo loving primer, Loreal true match foundation in rose vanilla and my favourite drug store concealer the maybelline fit me concealer in their lightest shade.

On the cheeks my favorite products have to be highlight, as you can tell by most of the products in the pics below being shinmery, my anastasia starburst highlight compact has to be a favorite go to!

On my eyes i like to keep it simple for an everday look and use onlt around 2-3 shades from my sweet peach pallette and them all being the more matte subtle shades in the pallete. At the moment O have also been loving pencil eyeliner with more of a felt one over the top (when i have time).

Lastly lips,I am a huge lover of a nude lip and at the moment i am obsessed with honey love by mac, its my only mac lipstick and I just feel it adds somethig extra in an everyday look.


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