A weekend at reading festival

Im not your average festival goer, but when a friend of mine suggested I came along and joined the rest of my old year from school at reading festival, I kinda jumped on the idea. Catching up with everyone and getting to see and few bands some new, and some that that I have loved for a long time now seemed a perfect way to get back and talk to some old friends.

For those of you who may be confused, Reading is a place, and although you could also look at that sentence and wonder what kind of a Festival exists where you go to learn about literature for a weekend? I promise, its nothing like that at all, its a packed weekend full of music, alcohol and disgusting festival toilets that you cant avoid (even if, like me, you had a luxury toilet pass)

Two door ciniemar club on the saturday night.

I had a really enjoyable 6 days of camping and as sleepless and druken as the nights were, with old and new friends, I had a really good time and its definatly something that has helped me get back into soical circles at school after being away for a long time.

Imagine dragons and two door cinema for me were the highlight of the festival and although neither of them were the headlining acts they both had a really great atmosphere. although i do feel i have only slightly dipped my toe in the festival water i have defiantly got “festival fever” and cant wait till the start of the festival season next year.