Im a 17 year old English kid, lost in the world of beauty style and general life, trying to find something productive to do with her seemingly unproductive life. My family and friends have grown slightly tired of hearing me ramble on for hours about the new lip eye combo I’ve been working on or the latest new bits and bobs in the beauty and fashion world so I felt jumping on and writing on here with people who share the same passion would be much more enjoyable and beneficial and probably save them some headache!

I started this blog in April 2016 after many attempts to find my ‘niche’ in blogging and realising writing only what other people have already done and become successful in won’t necessarily make me happy ¬†and writing about my passions will take me much further and lead me to enjoy what I am doing much more. I am growing in confusion into wether this is what I am supposed to be writing in this section, but this is MY space on the internet to write for me and any one else who is remotely interested in the life and opionions of a 17 year old.

Enjoy Love Rosie x